All Crossroads College Preparatory School students benefit from gifts to the Annual Fund.

It is our hope that all parents make Crossroads College Preparatory School a top philanthropic priority while their children are taking advantage of the outstanding educational experience the school has to offer.

As parents, your gifts to the school benefit all students and the entire Crossroads College Preparatory School community.

Bridging the gap between tuition and actual cost of educating a Crossroads College Prep student is the main goal of the Annual Fund, which is currently over $1,500.  When making your gift to the Annual Fund, please consider this amount.

Getting Involved

Many parents make generous gifts of their time in addition to their monetary support of the school.  Below are examples of volunteer opportunities at Crossroads College Prep:

Annual Gala for Scholarship

Multi-Cultural Pot-Luck

Faculty Breakfasts

...and many more

For more information on volunteering for Crossroads College Prep, please contact Heather at