Message from the Head

Welcome to Crossroads College Preparatory School! I am thrilled that you are interested in learning more about our school and I invite you to spend a few minutes perusing our website to become more familiar with our unique learning environment.  With the guiding principles of scholarship, imagination, and responsibility, our educational programs are designed to help our students move forward toward bright, productive, fulfilling futures while at the same time experiencing the joy of discovery along the way.


Scholarship has three fundamental components: effort, intellectual curiosity, and a sense of ownership of one's learning.  Our students' commitment to scholarship grows through interaction with inspiring teachers and classmates committed to success.  Within a culture of encouragement, intellectual curiosity enables students to take appropriate academic risks--engage in class discussion, explore new and challenging topics, try a fresh approach to a question or problem--in order to discover their strengths and intellectual passions.  Responsibility requires our students to treat all members of our school community with respect, to embrace their social responsibility through participation in service projects beyond our campus, and to reflect thoughtfully on issues of justice in order to become positive, productive citizens.  With these principles in place, we provide an emotionally safe educational environment, nurturing to each individual, and sufficiently flexible to engage a range of learning styles.


We encourage, and at times require, our students to explore fine and performing arts, interscholastic athletics, and a wide range of extracurricular activities and service opportunities, all of which are key components of adolescents' growth and development, enhancing self-discovery.


As the most diverse independent school in the region, daily interaction with the rich variety of people who gather on our campus is a broadening experience for all.  With this unique combination of academic rigor, diversity, and celebration of individual achievement, each student can develop his or her voice, connect with his or her passions, and develop the positive academic self-image so critical to success in college and beyond. 


We are proud of our school, our programs, and the success and individual growth of our students.  If you would like to learn more, please plan to visit our campus and see our school in action.  That is the most effective way to understand the unique advantages of enrolling in Crossroads College Preparatory School.



Clark J. Daggett

Head of School