With our new Music Director, Hugh Jones, things are really rocking at Crossroads College Prep! He teaches two upper school electives and the Middle School Music Explore class, but he has also opened up his room and his talents to students outside those groups ... and the talent is pouring in! He has an ad hoc piano group, weekly violin and vocal lessons, no fewer than four ensembles which meet at least weekly, and an eager and enthusiastic drum line. The choir is really succeeding too, and he hopes to take them to competitions this year.

Hugh is really enjoying the school climate: he speaks repeatedly about how talented and enthusiastic the children are and how impressed he is by his colleagues’ professionalism and kindness. We are so pleased to have him here with us!

What would you like your child to experience with music at Crossroads? Consider speaking to Hugh about your interests or sending your child to speak to him. He has found creative ways to get burgeoning musicians up and playing as well as to engage experienced musicians with new music and new ensembles.

Musical Mondays



Get clip of the Crossroads College Prep Jazz Band at the Iowa City Jazz Festival