Technology serves as a powerful learning tool in a dynamic community where children and adults work and learn together. Technology is rapidly changing the way we learn, teach, and work.

Crossroads has a rich technological environment to supplement and support classroom instruction. All classrooms have wireless internet access with ceiling mounted projection systems. Hand-held calculators are required in mathematics classes, and science classes are laboratory-based and make extensive use of computers in data collection, analysis and modeling.

In addition, the Crossroads College Prep Technology Department is committed to providing the best resources to assist the faculty and students in their teaching and learning endeavors.

  • Two computer labs with Macintosh and Windows PCs and Internet access.
  • Video projectors in most classrooms.
  • Smartboards in all classrooms.
  • Parents have internet access to student reports and class assignments.
  • Campus-wide wireless internet access.
  • Faculty laptop computer program.

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