Crossroads College Prep

Middle School

7th Grade

8th Grade

English- Fundamentals of Literature

English- Themes in American Literature

History- World Cultures

History- Civics

Science- Earth and Environmental Science

Science- Introduction to Biology and Chemistry

Mathematics- Algebra

Mathematics- Algebra 1

Foreign Language- Spanish A or French A

Foreign Language- Spanish B or French B

Explore. Physical Education

*Activity Course

Explore, Physical Education

*Activity Course

Middle School Explore Classes for 7th and 8th grades


Physical Education


Foundations of Art

Independent Reading


Computer Applications



Upper School

Graduation Requirements

English 4

Social Studies 4

Foreign Language 2

Math 4

Science 4

Fine Arts 1

Practical Art 1

Physical Education 1

and additional credits for a total of 25


9th Grade

10th Grade

English- World Literature I

English- World Literature II

History- World Civilizations

History- World History

Science- Physics

Science- Chemistry

Mathematics- Geometry or Algebra I

Mathematics- Algebra II/Trigonometry, or Geometry

Foreign Language - Spanish or French

Foreign Language- Spanish or French

Freshman Seminar

Art in Perspective



*Activity Course

*Activity Course


11th Grade

12th Grade

English- American Literature

English- AP Literature, AP Language and Composition, or Language and Literature

History- U.S. History, AP U.S. History, AP Psychology

History- AP Psychology, AP Art History, AP World History, Philosophy, or International Affairs

Science- Biology/AP Environment, Biology,Eco-Act, or AP Psychology

Science- AP Psychology, Advanced Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, AP Biology, or ECO-Act

Mathematics- Pre-Calculus, Algebra II/Trigonometry, Trigonometry, or Algebra II

Mathematics- AP Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, or Intro to Calc/Statistics

Foreign Language- Spanish or French

Foreign Language- Spanish or French

**1 or 2 Electives

**One or two electives

*Activity Course


*Activity Courses meet twice per week and include: Art Studio, Community Service, Dance Team, International Cooking, Journalism, Middle School Band, Mock Trial, Yearbook, and more.

**Electives are graded and weighted as part of the academic curriculum.  Electives include: 

Theater for Social Change, Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Drawing, AP Art History (AP Art Studio - alternate years), AP Psychology,  AP Biology, Eco-Act, International Affairs, Ceramics, Choreography, Philosophy, Computer Applications, Computer Programming/Technology,  Contemporary Art, Creative Writing, Directing Studio, Drawing Fundamentals, History of the 60's and 70's, Jazz Ensemble, Dance Medley, Multi-media Painting, Orchestra, Photography (Digital and Traditional), Sculpture, 3-D Design, U.S. Government and Politic, Dance Techniques, Video Production, Concert Band, Beginning Music Production, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, and Photo-Journalism