At Crossroads College Preparatory School, teachers begin by expecting more from students. With a faculty/student ratio of 9 to 1, they are able to personalize instruction to foster the learning necessary to meet rigorous expectations. Four years each of mathematics, history, and English are required of all graduates, with a heavy emphasis on skills acquisition and development -- especially writing, computing, and abstract reasoning. In addition to two or three electives each semester, students at Crossroads are required to take three years of science, including biology, chemistry, and physics.


Crossroads College Prep prepares middle and high school students for college and for lifelong learning in three two-year phases, comprising grades 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12. Each two-year phase has clear academic goals and appropriate teaching styles, and each phase builds on the previous ones. In every skill and discipline courses are sequential from seventh through twelfth grades. Programs for each grade level and for each two-year phase are coordinated with each other, with interdisciplinary and coordinated learning in the seventh through tenth grades and disciplined-based advanced college preparatory courses in the junior and senior years. The program for each two-year phase takes into account the particular developmental characteristics of students at that stage of life and learning.

The Crossroads College Prep curriculum aims to: